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The purpose of the historical pursuits by this investigator are twofold:

  • To rationalize certain events in history with a high degree of adequacy and veracity, 

  • To recover certain historical assets that have eluded discovery long term, which are key representations of historical events and therefore part of the documented basis for these events, but which also have meritable intrinsic and/or monetary value.  

To this end, then to employ certain historical investigative and research methodologies, means and skills, and to incorporate those which have been learned from the long term root cause investigations and mitigation of catastrophic risk in the process industries.

It is important at times to proliferate knowledge to others of interest, where and when possible.  The site thus is designed for this aspect; however it must be understood that certain subjects are covert and restricted until certain stages are achieved, and/or the due processing of assets in a very controlled and responsible manner.  Therefore, responsible care is applied in these areas.

The investigations of history have no real schedule, they proceed when manifested through the discovery of critical information and access to sites, therefore updates to the webpages informational content will occur when and only when feasible.

This primarily purpose of the WebPages are thus to act as an informative site when and where possible, however that is the red line drawn in the cement. It is not designed or purposed as an interactive site.

We hope that those students and practitioners of history find this site informative and engaging, and wish them the best in their individual and collective pursuits of history.

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