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Poland-Ksiaz Castle

Phase 3 Investigations are complete regarding a proposed location for the underground rail line and station. This site was overtaken by the Nazi’s in mid 1944 as part of Project Riese; modifications to the building, underground vertical access shafts, and tunnel modifications were short lived due the approach of the Red Army from the east in early 1945. The investigations do not include the veracity or existence of the “Nazi Gold Train”, hence an oft repeated tale of a train loaded with bank bullion, paintings, and other valuables from Breslau, and removed from the city in Feb. - March 1945 ahead of the Red Army advance.

The focus here is the possible routing of a spur or branch from the existing Breslau to Waldenburg rail line to the Ksiaz underground area, the extreme coincidence for the elevation of the lower tunnels as well as the heading of the so-called “guard-room” and parallel tunnel cannot be overlooked, it has significant purpose. The rail line engineering surveys would have preceded the design and location of the lower tunnels, the rail line dominates as a design criterion with its 3.5KM length, cost, and manhour effort. Given the short duration of planning and construction, there is no assurance this line was complete, along with the station, demolition of the entrances and pulling of the exposed rail line makes

this a difficult task at best. Still, much may be learned from a multi-phase external LIDAR and site specific and area limited U.G. GPR survey , GPR utilizing both 1500 and 900 MHz radar, from these surveys and with visual inspections, some conclusions may be reached.

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