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The COPPER SCROLLS- A Modern Look From A Cold Eyes Perspective

A modern investigation into various non-predominant parameters surrounding the Copper Scrolls is now completed. The Copper Scroll is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls (from the 1st Century) found in Cave 3 (1952) near the ruins of the Essene monastery of Qumran near the Jordan river and Dead Sea, but differs significantly from the others. Whereas the other scrolls were are written on parchment or papyrus, this scroll was hand hammered on copper plate that was heavily corroded and could not be unrolled, therefore sliced into sections.

The copper Scroll once interpreted contained a list of 63 locations, written

down in twelve columns. Each entry (except the last) was a treasure site: there were indications of large quantities (hence Talents, a biblical era weight of measurement of a hundredweight) in regards to gold and silver caches, but also listed coinage, tithes, religious objects, and other precious items.

The listed items appear to have shortened or truncated descriptions which adds to uncertainty of location, and refers to a separate more clarifying document, the location of which is not precisely identified. Much in the way of previous investigations have focused on the decipherment and translation of the text, which appears to be Mishnaic Hebrew, and sealed within the cave possibly under duress as the Romans assaulted the region in 68 CE.

This investigation was scoped by the nature of questions to be resolved (Chapter 1), the intent was not to be redundant with the previous focused investigations as to the nature of the line items and their possible locations, but rather to rationalize the source of the wealth (era and environment), establishing key conclusions in regards to simple data analytics, reaching practical conclusions regarding the weight of a talent, and the dynamics and impacts for the reality of haulage and transport. Conclusions are included in the investigation, along with various maps of the region.

For access to a copy of the investigation, select here…

The COPPER SCROLLS - A Modern Look From A Cold Eyes Perspective
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