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TSHA TWIN SISTERS On-line Handbook Entry Updated

Comprehensive Revisions Accepted

The Texas State Historical Association has incorporated (June 2) significant content from proposed revisions to the On-Line Handbook Twin Sisters entry. This comprehensive revision submission was accumulated after more than a decade of research into these elusive and “documentation challenged” cannon. The cannon faded from prominence after the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836, information thereafter is limited, and tracking the cannon problematic.

Dr. Alex Dienst, who pursued the history and location of the cannon for more than 20 years, said it best in 1913, “the sketches that have appeared from time to time relative to them are so fragmented, and often so unreliable, that it was deemed a fitting tribute to carefully narrate their history as far as documents and testimony extant would permit.

Much effort has been committed to “carefully narrating their history” since 2008. To this end, over 2000 hours of research has been expended by this investigator, the data files now exceed 30 GB. There is much still to be learned about the cannon, the THSA Twin Sisters entry includes multiple points of view and confirms that research is ongoing. The TSHA revised Twin Sisters entry can be found below.

For students of history and researchers, the longer proposed submission with references can be found here:

Twin Sisters Proposed Entry Revisions-Long Version
Download PDF • 440KB

For those following research progress, see Tracking the Twin Sisters Cannon 1843-1865, (which is still a work in progress with ongoing investigations) go here:

Tracking the Twin Sisters Cannon 1843-1865 May 2022 WPI
Download PDF • 3.96MB

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