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In 1935, just prior to his second trial for tax evasion, Dutch Schultz placed various monetary items in a strongbox. In 1938, after arresting and interrogating Schulz’s lawyer Dixie Davis, Thomas E. Dewey estimated the value to be between $1-$3 million.  The purchasing value of $1 million in 1935 based on inflation rate increases would be app $20 million today.  


The location of the strongbox which was app 1' X 3' X 2' is still a mystery, the assessment of all published “speculative assumptions” have little if any basis.  The case falls then on Emile Schurmacher who published his embellished version in 1968.  Schurmacher was an international then national correspondent and report, who also played a key role in several major magazines at the time.  Living in New York, he was contemporary with the Dutch Schulz trial, his death, and the follow on later years reporting of the buried cache.


In casing Schurmacher, his current contemporary assignments were pure non-fiction, however his past or historical based novels and articles while structured on a back bone of non fiction, contained fictional elements, but he never wrote pure fiction.  The key then is to rationalize the line in the sand between the two. Schurmacher was indeed the inveterate investigator, flying coast to coast in pursuit of information, and he never met an enemy. If the rationalized (by this investigator) non-fiction elements of the Dutch Schulz Treasure story by Schurmacher is accurate, then this cache may be found, if not, maybe one day but only by accident.

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