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The Michaelis War Diary

WWII Nazi officers journal containing personal observations including four sizable transport caches on the Eastern Front

The hand written diary pages have all, one by one, undergone examination, a complete PDF compendium was produced from these pages with a table of contents.  Many of the original scribed pages were removed prior to the Silesian Bridge Foundation's (Poland) acquisition or transfer of the journal in 2008, thus only approx. one third of the original content remains; it is difficult under any light to authenticate based on this situation alone.

Significant effort was expended to discover and understand the legacy of the journal book and the true identity of the scribed author, “Michaelis”, both are unclear and un-concluded, hence like many surviving Nazi remnants of the Third Reich, are enshrouded in the fog of war.

Therefore, much effort was expended over a 12-month interval to rationalize the Diary’s written content, this required the necessity of a German handwriting expert to transcribe three of the four cache pages, the handwriting in certain areas very poor.

Title page Section

The Himmler Code and the Dotted Ones

In the investigation of the Himmler Code 50419411 as shown in the War diary, its meaning, and a possible direct relationship to Heinrich Himmler, a singular most unique anomaly was observed. At first it appeared as if the handwritten number ones used in the eight digit code were actually an “I’, but this was not to be the case.  Under further examination, and with enlargement, a careful review of the Diary Himmler code confirmed that the numbers were in fact a “one”, with a dot placed over the top, like the dotting of an i. An investigation of Himmler's contained certain memo's that Himmler chose to hand write certain dates, using the same methodology, thus involving the Diary's author in some relationship to Himmler.

Observations Regarding the Authenticity of the Michaelis War Diary

Observations Regarding the Authenticity of the Michaelis War Diary-TEMP WIP 11-30-2013
Download PDF • 1.10MB

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